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Help Desk Specialist


Contractor shall maintain software needs for approximately 200 laptop computers as required with new personnel arrivals and mission changes warranting unique software.
  • Serves as the IMO and Telephone Control Officer and is responsible for providing technical support for installation, operation and maintenance of a wide variety of communications and automation equipment that includes hardware and software support for Desktop automation equipment and peripherals in a geographically dispersed organization.
  • Provides technical support in resolving hardware and software problems in all areas of installed automation and communication systems. Performs installation of computer system including software and related communication systems. Makes telephonic and on-site calls and implements site restorable procedures for all installed systems on established data communication network i.e., local area network (LAN) and multi-user systems applicable to the installation or serviced activities. Identifies inoperative equipment modules, determines sources of problem between hardware, system software, firmware and application programs. Analyzes a variety of technical problems and conditions associated with particular application area. Works with vendors to resolve problems or make immediate corrective changes to operating software. Provides technical assistance in support of services to determine functional user's requirements, including data file management, system utility capabilities, etc. Opens, assigns, annotates, and closes Remedy Action Request System trouble tickets responded to for computer automation equipment repairs completed.
  • Performs duties of unit Information Management Officer (IMO) with responsibilities for managing the ADP assets of the organization and overseeing the maintenance/application of use of Windows based computers. Processes and tracks all NIPR/SIPR accounts to include set up of new accounts and maintain active accounts in a valid status. Performs problem determination and resolution in all areas of minicomputer, microcomputer and local area network technology. Sets up and installs new computer equipment, ensuring equipment is within network compliance. Coordinates equipment turn-ins with unit supply and processes Requirement Documents for computer automation equipment acquisitions. Manages directorate hand receipts for automation equipment, sub-hand receipts equipment to users ensuring 100% accountability. Performs 10% spot check inventories monthly of equipment. Maintains database of directorate’s computer automation equipment. Updates database by adding, changing, and deleting equipment as required. Conducts searches and queries of data and provides printouts of data for reviewing by senior staff. Tracks assets of the directorate and provides life cycle management and replacement IAW local policies and DoD regulations. Develops and provides input to training regarding hardware and software capabilities, proper use of equipment, user software interfaces, analysis of error routines and messages, restart/recovery procedures, telecommunications diagnostics and support, and data access routines. Maintains proficiency with phones, VOIP technology, IP VTC’s, AV Devices, and smart phones. Assist users with computer use issues, software configuration, user education and laptop installation as required. Issue and receive IT equipment including computers, printers, headphones, cell phones, cameras, etc. Recurring task performed as needed as personnel arrive and depart. · Track and maintain individual licenses for non-enterprise software as needed for new requirements or as personnel arrive and depart. Coordinate with Network managers to maintain storage and back-up capabilities for all P2E records and data. Assist with information equipment inventory, research for equipment refresh purchase planning and maintenance as required. · Supports voicemail capability and provide expertise on accessing and resetting the equipment. · Performs other duties as assigned. Assist users with computer issues, software configuration, user education and laptop installation as required and with new Government or contractor personnel arrivals

  • Required Skills:

  • 3-10 year experience with a BA/BS or MA/MS

  • Basic Required Qualifications:

  • 10+ years of experience providing Cybersecurity expertise within government contracts.
  • 5+ years of experience working within the Army’s Defensive Cybersecurity Operations.
  • United States Citizen.
  • Have a DoD Secret clearance (required upon hiring) with the ability to pass an SSBI background.
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